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Customers with little experience in Kratom often believe there is only one strain of Kratom.  Some may have stumbled onto Kratom off of the suggestion of a friend, maybe they saw some in a head shop or gas station (Eww..Gross!) or they just heard about it in passing. Regardless of how they found this miracle plant, a common misconception is that all Kratom and Kratom strains are the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Both the source and quality of your Kratom as well as the strain play a critical role in the effect and overall Kratom experience. At Kratom Depot we only stock our shelves with the purest, highest grade Kratom available (verified by independent lab testing) with a wide variety of strains to suite all occasions.  Relax and shop with confidence across our top-rated stains listed below or give us a call, email or text to discuss further. Kratom is our passion and we love talking strains with new and experienced users alike!

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At Kratom Depot we’ve poured our heart and soul into providing only the best Kratom found anywhere. From years of traveling back and forth from the US to South East Asia, to meeting the top producers and farmers, spending countless hours in the lab and on product research and ultimately putting boots on the ground and establishing a physical presence in the regions where our Kratom is produced it would be an understatement to say we are confident about the quality of our Kratom. Our business has been built on long term customer relationships and we will do whatever it takes to assure satisfaction. We stand by our products unconditionally and if there are ever any issues or concerns please contact us at any time.

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