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August 11, 2014

Our new products (WV Indo & RV Indo) have been added to our product selection and are also available in the Mix and Match. We are also back in stock of White Vein Sumatran, and we have switched to our new supplier of Bali as of this post. We will be offering a discounted special “New Products & Sampler” until September 15th – you can find this product listed under the “Samplers” selection, selection #12.
Posted by: admin@ 8:33 am

August 5, 2014

Supply updates, kratom news, and other odds and ends! (It’s a long one!)
Posted by: admin@ 10:23 pm

Kratom Related Legislation in Michigan:
First and foremost, we would like to inform residents of the state of Michigan that your representatives are trying to outlaw kratom via House Bill 5707 (HB 5707). We urge all supporters of kratom that live in Michigan (or even if you don’t!) to take a moment of your time and communicate to your representatives that you are against such a ban. In the past 2 years, the kratom community was able to circumvent bans in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Louisiana. Although our protests may sometimes feel feudal, speaking out does help! If you are interested in giving your support, you can find more information on how you can help here. Or feel free to contact us for some direction. Whether a resident of Michigan or not, please also consider signing this petition. Let’s make sure to give a good fight to protect the availability of our friendly kratom plant that mother nature gifted to us.

Inventory Update:
As many have noticed, we are currently out of stock of the following strains: Maeng Da, White Vein Sumatran, Red Vein Rho, Stem and Vein, and Red Vein Thai. We do not yet have an estimate as to when Maeng Da will be available again. We will likely have to source a new supplier for this product, so we won’t have it back in stock for several weeks at the least. We have a shipment of White Vein Sumatran in transit, and this product should be in stock in the first half of the week of August 11th. We do not yet have an ETA for Red Vein Thai (hopefully by the end of the month), and we will also be discontinuing ‘Red Vein Rho’ and ‘Stem and Vein’ and removing them from the products page completely. Right now the samplers are fully in stock with all the strains, but We will soon be changing the composition of some of the samplers. We will adjust the pricing and contents accordingly and will try to make it very obvious as to when this change has been made – so please keep your eyes peeled!

Shipping Update:
We’re still experiencing a ~24 hour delay with shipping times. In a few weeks, after we implement a few logistical adjustments, we’ll be able to get back to the regular shipping schedule (ships out on next business day).

New Suppliers:
For the last 6 weeks, We have extensively tested and vetted through several alternative suppliers, and we’ve partnered up with those that provide a high enough quality product to be sold on Kratom Depot. We will soon be partnering with new suppliers for the following strains: Red Vein Bali -and- Green Vein Malaysian; and we will begin selling our new supplier’s products sometime during the month of August. We will continue selling our current stock until depleted – and then we will then transition over to selling our new suppliers’ products. Don’t worry, we will make it very clear as to when the suppliers have been switched! We believe you will be satisfied with the quality.

New Strains:
We will be adding 2 new products to our selection this August – White Vein Indonesia and Red Vein Indonesian. These products will be available to purchase starting this Sunday August 10th. Also on August 10th, we will introduce a temporary special “New Products & New Suppliers” sampler, for a discounted price. It will contain all the new kratom we will be selling. You will be able to find this new selection in the “Samplers” option on our products page – starting August 10th.

Temporary Closure:
We will be taking a short break and will be temporarily closing our offices from the dates of Saturday, September 27 until Monday, October 6th. During the first half of this closure, we will disable the ability to order. We’ll resume normal operations on Tuesday, October 7th. I hope this gives everyone ample time to prepare, if needed.

And lastly – sorry to bombard everyone with so much information and changes! With recent developments and difficulties importing, these changes are important to keep things running smoothly. For the last month, many of you have taken time to send us your words of encouragement, and to that we say THANK YOU! We really appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience. It really means more than you know! As always, thanks for your loyalty. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Able and team

July 7, 2014

Summer Update, Import Problems
Posted by: admin@ 7:12 pm

It’s our birthday! It was exactly 3 years ago – July 7th 2011 – that we opened up the Kratom Depot website. One thing that we have learned with certainty over the years is that the kratom market is very fickle and unpredictable. As such, unfortunately we must report that we have been experiencing importation issues for much of the summer so far. It appears as if Customs (USA and Indonesian) has changed their tactics, and so it has become much more difficult to get sufficient shipments of our inventory safely and directly from Indonesia. In short: we are experiencing a very [abnormally] high volume of confiscated or returned imports. If things do not change soon, it is very likely we will run into shortages of many of our products in the near future. We will immediately be instating a maximum order size per customer of 32 ounces in each Monday-Sunday (1 week) period. Although we won’t directly be keeping tally, we may cancel or delay orders that exceed this volume. As well, please note that shipments may take an additional 24 hours to ship as we process and adapt to these new changes in the industry. We apologize for the negative news, the inconvenience, and for the surprise. We are trying to work with our suppliers on this, but I think it is only fair that we inform you all that there may be instabilities going into the future. As always, we will do our best to work through this with you.

Able & KD team