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January 4, 2014

We have added the ‘Stem and Vein’ product to our selection (#11), and we are now back in stock with Red Vein Rho!
Posted by: admin@ 4:30 pm

October 19, 2013

New Grinders, Inventory Update, and end of the ‘Stem and Vein’ sample giveaway. Kratom Depot
Posted by: admin@ 3:36 pm

Please note that the Stem and Vein sample giveaway is now over – we have given away all the samples we have. Thank you for those that took the time to send us your feedback; although we weren’t able to reply to everyone, we read each submission and we sincerely appreciate it! We are still unsure if we will be selling this product, so if you received one of these samples and enjoyed it (or even if you didn’t!), please let us know!

Inventory Status: We are currently out of stock of Red Vein Rho. We should have our inventory of this strain replenished during the first or second week of November. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New Grinders!: As mentioned in previous updates, we have upgraded to new grinding hardware that we will begin using immediately. Our new grinders allow us to produce a much finer grain of kratom that many of you have asked for. For those of you that prefer encapsulated products, this will also allow us to fit slightly more product into each capsule. We will begin using our new hardware immediately starting in the week of October 21st.

Thank as always for choosing Kratom Depot!
-Able and the KD team

October 14, 2013

NOTE: The Stem and Vein promo has now ended as we have given away all of the samples we have. If you liked this product please let us know!
Posted by: admin@ 1:51 am